Welcome a the Center for Interdisciplinary Sexology and Medicine ZiSMed

TEmpfang ZiSMed

Information about COVID-19

We offer appointments in all our fields of expertise. Please only visit us if you feel healthy, except in an emergency. Please come to the practice alone, if possible. Masks are mandatory. If you have a question regarding your visit, just call us or write an email.

Our Philosophy

The Center for Interdisciplinary Sexology and Medicine ZiSMed is a collaboration of specialists in medicine, sexology, psychology and complementary medicine. Our various disciplines add up to meet the complex demands of the human body and experience. We put an emphasis on:

  • Regard for the unity of body and mind
  • Interest and respect for the way you have learned to master your life
  • A high professional level of counseling and treatment in accordance with the current requirements of the various disciplines
  • Transparency in dialogue and information, so you can understand and partake in the decisions concerning your treatment options

We collaborate closely with the Zurich Institute for Clinical Sexology & Sexual Therapy ZISS.