Sexual Counseling and Therapy

What happens in sexological evaluation?

If you have a question or issues regarding sexuality or just wish to understand your current sexual situation, you can fix an appointment with one of our sexual therapists.

In a first consultation, we will discuss your needs. A comprehensive evaluation of your sexuality will take about 2 to 4 consultations. If you’d like to change something about your sexuality, we will discuss your options. You can then decide if you want to take on treatment.

What happens in sexual therapy or counseling?

Sexual therapy focuses on your personal complaint or project and is rooted in a comprehensive evaluation of your sexuality. Sexuality and sexual abilities are acquired throughout a lifetime, and sexual problems often arise from limits in a person’s learning history.

Sexual therapy encourages appropriate learning steps. The duration of therapy is hard to predict. Just like when learning a sport, an instrument, or other skills, it depends on what your goal is, how much time you are ready to invest into the learning process, and where you are starting from.

Medical sexological examinations

Somatic factors may play a role in certain sexual complaints, such as pains. Corresponding examinations will be proposed to you during a first consultation. A number of these examinations and therapies can be performed at the ZiSMed, for others we may refer you to collaborating specialists.